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The development of mining machinery industry drives the economic interests of China's mine resources. Mining machinery industry, as an important development pillar of China's mining machinery, is an important leading industry in China's social and economic development and construction, and occupies an important position in China's economic construction and social development. Along with the extensive application of Sand making machine and sand blasting machines in mining, metallurgy, chemical, energy, cement, coal and other industries, a series of advantages of sand blasting machines have also been recognized by people. The third-generation sand-making machine and the new-type hammer-sanding machine currently appearing in the market are the best sales machines in the sand-making equipment, and the market has received good feedback.

The new third-generation sand makers and hammer sanders produced by SBM are used in cement plants to produce medium-hard or medium-hard materials. Because of the harsh working conditions, components are often damaged during the crushing process. Sandblasting consumables mainly include: hammer heads, purlins, linings, etc. Hammerhead is the main wearing part of sand making machine and sandblasting machine. At present, it is mainly made of high-manganese steel, but its poor abrasion resistance and short service life require frequent replacement, which not only wastes materials, but also affects normal work. Therefore, Increasing the life of the hammer becomes a problem that needs to be solved in the crushing machinery industry.

Our SBM-produced Sand making machine, sandblasting machine wear-resistant accessories company; production of hammerhead broken rate, energy saving, simple structure, low cost, strong work capacity, long-lasting wear-resistant; effectively improve the crusher work efficiency , to extend the life of the hammer. SBM sand hammer forging crusher Hammer adopts high-quality train hub steel (material 65Mn, good impact resistance, high toughness, good wear resistance, not easy to break) Using forging machinery to repeatedly forge the metal blank to deform it To obtain a certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and size, after a special quenching heat treatment method, to ensure that the working area of ​​the hammer head get high hardness, high wear resistance performance. The forging can eliminate defects such as loosening of the as-cast state produced in the metallurgical process and optimize the microstructure. At the same time, due to the preservation of the complete metal flow line, the mechanical properties of the forging are generally better than those of the casting. Forged hammer heads are favored by customers because of their low price, economical durability and other characteristics.

The SBM mine is an industry-renowned manufacturer of sand making machines. We have been engaged in the wear-resistant casting industry for more than ten years and have accumulated years of experience in manufacturing R&D. The production technology of other wear accessories such as hammerheads is also constantly improving. Therefore, in order for the sand blasting machine and sand making machine industry to develop healthily, it is necessary for the wearable component industry to constantly improve the quality and quality of the products so as to meet the market demand of the crusher industry and eventually promote the development of the enterprise itself.

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